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Lexuniverse is the layman's premier international legal portal for legal advice, legal information, legal news and legal research updates.

Our initiative is to ensure that the benefits and opportunities of law are available to the public. We provide to the common man legal information on a wide variety of areas in simple and lucid manner. The mission is to reach out the law to the public in easy-to-understand form to meet their needs. Our focus is to make self-help and user-friendly presentation of even complex laws for guidance of the layman, which has so far been neglected.

Our role is to be facilitator and catalyst in the legal empowerment of the public through enhancement of the commoner’s legal consciousness.
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Global Legal News
US Admits More Juveniles Held At Guantanamo
Iraq Cabinet Approves US Status of Forces Agreement
Legal News (India)
AP: Human Rights Commission Directs To Withdraw Cases against KSEZ Farmers
Court Fixes Nov 22 for Reply on Narco Test of Ahluwalia
Draft Agreements
Draft agreements are model formats of understanding that can straight away be put into use. These are reliable self-help user-friendly contract forms for common situations, which can be used simply by filling in the blanks. A wide range of ‘most requested for' model agreements are available in each category.
With the advent of the internet, it is now possible for every netizen to seek legal help online.
Bare Acts
Bare Acts make up the canvas of Statute Law. In this section Bare Acts of the common law countries are being incorporated. For USA and India, Federal/Union as well as the State laws have been covered.
Judgment of the Week
Judgments of the Week touch on those recent decisions which meet the parameters or yardsticks sought for in this regard.
Customized Agreements & Contracts
Customized agreements are agreements tailor made to address particular and special requirement of the parties.
While draft agreement provides general format or content for common situation, the requirements of the user might be largely different for his specific situation.
With the advent of the internet, it is now possible for every netizen to seek legal help online.
Court-room Backup Services
Court Room Back Up Services include within its broad spectrum pre trial preparations, case law retrieval, legal research, management of the case at trial and also post trial research .
Legal Research
Legal Research is the process of substantiating Legal decision making by discovering and retrieving relevant information.
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